Sleeping beauty

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Found poem

Symbotic Shadow

The emancipation proclamation
Had been seared in the flames
of whithering injustice.
The manacle of segregation and the chains of discrimination

On a lonely island of poverty
vast ocean of material
The archetitects wrote the magnificent words of the contitution.

The declaration of independence
Guarenteed unalienable right of
Lif, liverty and the pursuit of happiness
we refuse to believe the bank of justice in bankrupt.

Rise from the dark and desolate valley
to the sunlit path of justice

The palace of justice, conducts our struggle...
on the high plane of dignity and discipline
the unspeakable horror, of police brutality

Justice rolls like water
righteousness like a stream
let us not wallow,
the balley of despair and an oasis of
freedom and justice

Hew out from the valley of despair a stone of
The beautiful symphony of brotherhood.
From the prodigous hilltop of new hampshire
to the mighty mountain of New York
Free at last...
We are free at last!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

His life

   His life is hard
Pain, hunger, terror
His body is tired
His hope is gone but his spirit is strong
His hands are bruised his body trembles
His life is hard but
his spirit is alive and strong
His tears non, stop tears
shining down apon him
the light of hope
The first gate to happiness

Thursday, January 13, 2011


He is angry....

He is bold

They clash,roaring
two unstoppable force

I stare watching out of my window
Who will be the victor?

When will it stop...

Response to Poem

                                                      The Starry Night by Anne Sexton.

         This poem is writen by Anne Sexton. This poem is depression. This poem is the beauty of life versus death.

         This poem was inspired by the painting of Vincent Van Gogh. This poem is my veiw, my point of view of the world few has gone beyond. Anne Sexton has touched my heart with this poem. Life is a game, a game you sometimes wish will end. People realize the world around but there is another world beyond reach of mere hands. This is the world of emotion where emotion rule. When ones emotion shatter this may be the result of the state of depression. When your game is about to end... the one wish I would want accomplished is to die under the infinite trail on a starry night being sucked into the unknowns.
         Anne Sexton's poem is'nt just a poem it is a story that has been fit into a small peice of paper. Shrunk from the massive size into a few stanza. This poem is the story of someone's life. Anne Sexton, included many of her emotions that are out of reach by hand.( Depression is the state when ones emotion is so clumped they feel like they have no reason to live). She was in depression. This poem has this one line saying ," I want to die". This poem shows emotion so deeply you can feel it if you look deep enough. She did end up commit suiciding but is this the actual purpose of the poem? Us human being are very complex rather than simple. Emotion are more complex. Ones emotion can be shattered without you knowing it.
         The painting of Van Gogh has one purpose to capture the beauty of when he was in france not depression. Van Gogh may be under the pressure of insanity but this painting wasn't for that purpose wasn't it? I personally think painting is basically to capture the beauty of the night but I never knew someone would think of it as depression.
         A painting includes emotion but there is many ways of interpreting paintings. It is the point of view of the viewer rather than just one specific emotion. A painting is a world inside any peice of object with a piece of ever emotion. This may just be a poem but a poem always has a deeper meaning so do paintings and so do the people around you. The exterior is'nt as pure as the interior.