Sleeping beauty

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Picture Book Draft 2

        I live in little J-ford town. My dad is a carpenter, and my mom is a vet. My best friend is Anna; we hang out together most of the time. We play hide and seek and basketball in the park with our friends. Anna's favorite place to hide is behind the trees. Because the trees give shade and equal disguise, Anna likes to hide there. Every day we play from early morning to late afternoon. We sometimes play from late afternoon to late at night. One early morning Anna asks me to go out to play, "James want to go and hang out in the park.”
        "Sure," I yell out of my window to Anna. I took off my pajamas, then slip on my jeans and a T-shirt. I jump into my Nike shoes and bounce my basketball out of the door. I find my way to Anna, and we walk down the illuminated road to the park side by side. Every block seems to grow quieter. Each passing block lined with houses. Anna breaks the silence," What should we do in the park?” I twist the ball on one finger while walking.
        “Maybe we should play a game of basketball," I reply to Anna. Before our eyes can adjust we’re at the park. The park is the only place left that had a batch of trees left. The leaves are as green as ever, and the grass is shining a golden color in its bath of dew. The air smells of fresh leaves and grass, as well as, sweat. Anna and I walk toward the basketball court.
         In the court; it is easy to spot our friends. “Yo what’s up “asks David who is one of my friends.
         “Nothing much you guys in for a game?" I reply.
         “Sure " David answers.
         " Ok so us three against the other three “I say boldly. The game was on...
         The results, we won the match, and Anna and I head home. “Bye David, “me and Anna say.
         " Let’s go home. It’s getting late,” I whisper to Anna with a tired look.
         “Sure, come on James; let’s run back “yells Anna excited.
         " Bring it,” We started to run laughing in joy as the world seems right in everyway.
        The next morning, I wake up feeling broken. My leg muscles are heavy from rest,
        "Why am I running in such a hurry," I think to myself. "Come on James we have to hurry. They are trying to remove the last batch of trees in the park," Anna says in a sad tone.
        "What! That is like the last few trees in this town. Why would they do that," I yell to Anna. Right before our eyes we see workers with chainsaws cutting down the trees. We just watch unable to stop what is happening. My Dad looks at me with a face tire from work. We can’t move, our shoes are held in place on the cement floors. The last tree is cut, and taken away. Anna is crying her once so precious favorite place to hide now gone. I try my best to make her feel better but nothing seems to stop those tears. I walk Anna home and walk home alone in a fog of confusion.
         I walk up the rough step way of my door way. I walk inside without making a noise. I walk into the living room where my dad sits reading a news paper. "Dad why did they cut the trees," I ask my dad.
         “We need the wood to build a house. Wood comes from trees, so we cut trees for wood; It is reality," my dad replies in a careless tone.
         "But you don't have to remove the trees in the park. Why...Why do you have to cut the trees that are so dear to us? The trees are Anna’s favorite place to hide why do you have to destroy that place which is dear to us?” I scream at the top of my lungs at my dad.
         “How can I do anything... they didn't listen to my cries. I know things are complicate, but it is something I can't stop," my dad say literally screaming...
         "Dad why can't you see what is going on. The streets are so deserted of trees, there aren’t any birds... The streets are quiet and lonely. There is just this quiet loneliness. Trees are home to many animals, so why cut and totally desert this town," I scream at him. I walk out of the room and slam the door behind me. I lay still staring at the ceiling as sleep took over me.
         The next morning, Anna’s voice fills my room. “James, wake up,” Anna yells outside of my house.
        “What,” I yell back at Anna in a tone tire from sleep. “James come on down let’s go to the park to do something like a walk,” Anna says. I jump out of my bed took off my pajamas and slip into my jean and a long sleeve shirt. I jump into my Nike shoes and walk out of the door.
         I walk to Anna and we walk down the early road. We stay quiet for the whole walking trip to the park. Before us is the batch of trees that was cut down yesterday. Anna reaches into her pocket and takes out a few seeds and start planting them. I join her. We work on planting the seeds with all our heart. “They need to grow fast. These seed shall restore this place,” I mummer to Anna.
         “Yes they should,” We both say at the same time as things start to fit back in place.

Monday, December 13, 2010

authors note

       Trees, are a major part of the environment. It is home to many animals ,and it takes on a role in global warming. Animals that make their homes on trees are bugs and birds. When trees are cut these poor animals lose their home. Trees absorbs carbon dioxide which is then used in the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is when plants use carbon dioxide to make a food source it use to live. This source of simple sugar are called glucose. Glucose is made when carbon dioxide is altered with many other materials such as sunlight ,and oxygen to produce a food the plant can use as a resource. This resource is called glucose/ simple sugar (notes from Ms. Fernadez). Trees goes through a cycle. The start of the cycle is when trees absorb oxygen and carbon dioxide. The carbon are either used in the process of photosynthesis or kept inside the tree. This carbon can be released to the ground under the tree. From this process when the tree dies it will simply release all the carbon it has absorbed. Furniture's has carbon too so trees remove parts of the oxygen it absorbs and releases most of it for further info visit "". Trees being cut is happening. From this point of the U.S to the other end of the world forest are slowly being cut down from many tree reduce to very few trees.
        There was once two trees in front of M.S 51. Those two trees were cut down. We lose our shade and it made M.S 51 look deserted. This is how a tree affects me. There were many times how i wonder is my backyard missing something. When spring came the tree in my backyard wasn't growing. This made my backyard look sad missing that one tree was a lot.
        This book was written at my point of view of trees being cut. How tree can mean memory. Every tree has it's story. This is a fiction about how trees can affect and cause people pain and joy.
        There may be many trees but each tree has a story from it's birth till it's death. Trees can mean a lot but there isn't a tree that is ever alike.
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