Sleeping beauty

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog response

I like davids blog because all of his post shows effort in them. Each post of his has its own thing that gives it a special touch. This touch is unique to his own writing style but this touch made a lot of his posts such as his reading responses stand out.They may be short but a lot of though have been out into them. He overall did a great job on keeping his blog on date and his ideas are well though out it is very unique in its own way.
The second blog I really liked is isaiahs blog his blog posts are amazing. He always uses the right grammar rule and i dont know it is just amazing. Each and everyone of his responses were great they were filled with ideas organized and well though out. Each post have its own story but his post have more than that but a idea of a certain thing and its own unique story. Hpost are extremly well done. He do have some flaws on how might sometimes use too complex words that usually messes up the flow or completly destroy a line with its meaning.
I like Mohammads blog because he has so many deep thoughts in each and every post. He writes about what he cares about and expresses it with his heart. It may noy have much post but each post shows effort and effort is all it takes for a good blog. His ideas were well supported each with its own reason and with its own reason goes with why he wrote about it. It is very unique in its own way but stands out with a shine in its own way. This blog is really well done.