Sleeping beauty

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Response to book

        The book stiches is a memoir. This book is very unique because its point of view is based on a child growing up. This is very unique because rather than this book being a memoir its a memoir not for the focused character but for his mom. This book has a unique way of showing this complicated story by not having straight forward drawings but unique sketches. The first time reading it there will always be hidden shadows that you will not notice. Each little shadow is a point of view. Each point of view changes this books theme and its purpose.
         The very first time I read this book I always get this fealing of uneasiness that this book will be very depressing. Each time I flip a page I either see the character with a face of sadness anger and depression. The child has this expression as if he has been through a lot. A lot as of abuse. The mom in this story isn't what I can ever consider a mom. If I were to grade his mom I would give her a failing grade. A mom that cares about money more than her son. The mom always have her way of expressing herself. She is like a storm cloud that will blow away and swallow each and everyone in her way. The mom can totally be considered a protagonist she denies everything the kid says.
          My idea of abuse and the problem child abuse can be proved. When the child gets a sickness the mom will yell like all she cares about is money. She will say going to a doctor needs money and money is what this family don't have. If she have the money for her own cause why wont she have the money for her childs cost. She somehow only cares about herself while she just ignores the child. Is her personal life more important than her son?
          Once the child had what was supposely known as a growth but after later test its was said to be cancer. The parents didn't even bother to tell her son what he had rather than that she went to give him his final wish. When she gave him his wish rather than letting him keep it she went over and took it away from him. That point forward she just treat him like a dead person without voice you feel small in the world lonely in a shadow.All because of you mom.
           In conclusion this is a really deep but at the same time very unique. Each shadow brings a new idea with a new idea comes a totally different idea.