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Sunday, June 19, 2011


How was life like for soldiers in Vietnam?

        Going to a place where you are unfamiliar. Going to a place where you don’t want to be. Going to a place where you may never come back. Life for soldiers is hard knowing they have the chance of never coming back. Fighting somewhere away from the ones you love. Going somewhere unsafe somewhere you won’t feel like at home. That is the horror and risk for the soldiers in Vietnam.

        You arrive in Vietnam you see forest and jungle around you. You are scared you miss your family, your home. You may never be able to go back to where you are. You are in the war zone the place where you will fight. You are ordered into groups separated to different missions. You are assigned to go into the jungle to destroy a Vietcong camp. You have in mind how you may die from sudden ambush. You have heard stories of people dying in these jungles.

        You walk step by step forward through the jungle. It’s so quiet where am I where are they. “Rustle, Rustle” The bushes rustles. You see people disappearing, disappearing into the jungles. “Ambush” your commander screams. You run to find cover. Your heart is pounding hard. You wonder “am I going to die”? You hear gunshots from the neighboring tree. You shoot knowing you are taking someone’s life.

        The ambush is over what I should do. Where are they should I chase them. You run through the jungle to meet your comrades. You complete your mission wishing you could accomplish it faster. You hold in tears knowing from experience one bad step is your death. You are afraid to lose who you are and what you have. You are afraid of this place wishing to go back. You are in this battlefield where you will die any minute. You want to go home you want to leave this scary place. You want to never come back to this hard life.


Monday, June 13, 2011

final reading response

        War is a painful aspect of life. War can affect people and the world around you. The book the battle of Baghdad is about that environmental affection. Animals can be killed because of war. The bombing can cause petroleum spills which can kill sea animals. War is cruel and endless. When a war starts another begins. When you declare war you declare war on their alliances. War can cause pain to you to them and your family. War can mean destruction to many natural habitats.

        In the book war may destroy forests and families. The lives of people can’t be compared to the nations benefit. The greatest gift of the world is to be able to be alive. Animal are people but in another way. Animals have feeling and that feeling is alike to ours. Killing animals is like killing humans. The turtle lost his whole family because of the petroleum spill. Every move you make in war can lead to another.

        People are dying in war. We should stick together rather than fight amongst ourselves. People have their own thoughts because of their influence. We are all people and fighting amongst ourselves is like killing ourselves. They have family too and so do we. We are ruining lives by going into war.

        The tigers were affected by war. The lion family was killed because of war. They are like war prisoners and their family is ruined. Animals are lives and if we are killing them it’s like killing people. Being killed and treated badly just because of their specie is like killing ourselves because of our race.

        War is painful and trying to stop it is the top priority. Life is at risk with each war we start.


Multi genre project


My theme is the aspect in which your life can always be changed and how there is something’s that can’t be replaced. This is about my coming of age experience, from the fantasy of me leaving my hometown to my future thoughts.

The first piece is about my childhood in a land not where I am right now. In the place where I grew up which is china. The environment can alter your thoughts and your thoughts can alter your coming of age. My next piece is a narrative diary based on years. The problem of depression and the problem of finding love. My last piece is a poem that wraps up the topic of things that can and can’t be replaced.

I want you guys to know no matter how much you hate your mom and your life you should be grateful. The love you mom gave you and the opportunity to live can never be replaced.

My name is Leonardo Li and I am 13 years old. In my life I remember people calling me Li. I live in a town called Forehaven which is located in the middle of the woods. I spend my time with my mom Jane; she is a doctor in my town. I spend my time with my mom in the woods studying mysterious plants with unnatural healing abilities. My favorite plant is the Leonard Clove. This is a plant with green spots and, leaves shaped like a lion. My name is named after the brave and almighty lions. My name was given to me by my dad; he is not in this world anymore. The plant’s name was given by my mom she wants me to never forget who I am, to never forget my loss.

My hometown is extremely small. The streets are ravaged with plants and dirt. My house is made of extremely rough wood. My mom always say life is never a straight line but filled with tacks and broken steps. Each obstacle brings pain, scarring you physically and emotionally.

This is what I can never have back again…

I am a prisoner in this land, unable to speak and unable to escape its endless wrath. I was taken prisoner. My family has abandoned me. I am in the middle of prison wondering is there true love. Life is never the same after.

“Let me out of here. Mom save me” I cried with tears rolling down my eyes.

“…. Take him away” My mom whisper with her head turned away from me, too ashamed to look at me. I was taken away for my foolish mistake.

I was on a lake one day enjoying the sight of Leonard clove. The lake is a beautiful place filled with greenery and life. The area is covered with moss and tree trunks. The lake is smooth and with beautiful fish swimming round and round, I was there relaxing.

“RUSTLE, RUSTLE, RUSTLE” One of the green bush rustles.

“Who’s there” I scream turning and reacting to the rustling noise. I slowly walk through the moss covered floor. I am now face to face against the bush. I pick up a stick and start to jab at the bush.

“Uh w…h...o’s there, huff, huff, huff” a small and beautiful voice said. I force myself into the bush to find a girl all scarred up. I immediately carried her to my mom’s store in the middle of town.

In town I see people staring at me in confusion as I race through the soft road.

“Mom I found an injured girl please help her” I scream in front of the store while running inside. I run towards a chair while carrying the girl in my arm. I lay her down and took off my clothes. I used my clothes as a blanket to keep him warm. My mom rushes over and started the process of healing as I run outside.

Sitting on the store porch looking up into the blue sky as I slowly, fall asleep away from the world around me. When I woke up it is already noon I walk into the store with blurred vision.

“Mom how is she doing” I asked my mom while yawning.

“She is injured severely; the injury seems to be scratch marks probably from trees. She should be waking up soon” my mom replied.

“Ok” I said as I walk into the room behind the store. There’s sweat all over her face. I took a towel and wiped her sweat away. I fell asleep in the room listening to the melody of her breathing.

The next morning I woke up and walked out of the room to find my mom. She was nowhere in sight. I walked back into the room to check on the girl but, she isn’t on the bed. Worried I ran outside of the store to find myself surrounded by soldiers.

“He’s the one who assisted her on escaping prison” The soldiers scream in rage. I look at them in confusion until I was locked up.

I sit on the cage floor looking down eyes red with tears face red with rage. I was taken to the capital for further research and judgment.

I was escorted into room where I received my judgments.

“Why did you help her” the judge asks me?

“I saw her injured from head to toe and near the point of dying. I needed to help her or else her life is threatened” I said

“Do you know that she escaped prison” The judge asks me.

“No” I answered.

“Please wait for your judgment” the judge said. I look down at the floor as I wait for the judge’s reply.

“Leonardo Li we now announce you as guilty” the judge says with pride.

“Why I didn’t do anything wrong” I scream.

“Helping a prisoner escape is a major crime. I now announce you to be banished from this land for 3 years” says the judge.

“Why I didn’t know she was a prisoner. You can’t do this to me. I just saved someone’s life let go of me!! I want to go home let go of me” I yelled at the judge. I was escorted to the ship.

“Get in there you little brat” the guard yell as he pushes me in the ship.

I am now all alone in darkness. My hands are free from the chains now but, the feeling of loneliness is still there. In the ship is in total darkness. I can’t see anything.

“Is anyone there” a cute female’s voice breaks the silence.

“Yes” I said while heading towards that voice.

I feel a presence around me and I was sure she is around here.

“Are you still there” I asked?

“Yes, I guess we will have to work together where ever we are going” the voice said.

Year one XX14

- We got off the ship which sent us to this unknown land. The sky, I can never forget that sight of the blue sky.

The sky is so, beautiful with puffy clouds. I walk outside to find myself stoned by the sight. I see waving grasses as far as bare eyes can see and the wind as soothing as the calm blue sea. “So, who are you” I ask the girl.

        “My name is Aria I am the girl you saved. I’m sorry for involving you into this” She said with her face filled with tears.

        “It’s alright… where ever we are we will always be able to go back so, don’t worry. Come let’s go for a walk” I stated while trying to calm her down. We walk through the wavy grass just as graceful as the grass itself.

        “Why were you put in prison” I ask her. Aria stuttered for a second, trying to stop the tears from rolling down.

        “I was imprisoned because I cared for animals. I saved a baby dragon… he had a broken wing. The dragon was going to die and, I couldn’t accept that. I took it home and they came. They accused me of trying to the dragons. I was just trying to help it…” Aria said with tears rolling down her eyes.

        “It wasn’t your fault… the people in there is stupid. They can’t accept people with a kind heart. I am here and I am proud of it. I don’t blame myself for what I have done, be proud of your choice because you know its right” I said while trying to make her feel better.

        “Perhaps your right” Aria said while crying. We walk through the grass side by side wishing this moment would end faster. The pain is unbearable…

        We end up in a gate to somewhere that somewhat look like a village gate. Aria has stopped crying I lift her up and walk through the gate.

        The people here are nice and with their help we managed to survive.

Year 2 XX15

My relationship with Aria has gotten to the point where friends can’t describe it. I need her to continue living and she needs me to continue living. We are now deeply in love. Love is a type of craziness in my opinion. I want to propose my feeling but, the time is not ripe. The second year has gone by as I enjoy her smile and, everyday meal.

Year three XX16

The third year has come the time is here. “Hon do you want to go back” I ask Aria.

“OK I miss my family and the scenery” Aria replies.

“It is set we are going for a visit” I said.

The ship that is here to pick us up is here we head in side by side. The same ship the same room where everything started.

We reach the dock and got off. We ignored the crowd and head to my mom’s store. Mom I’m back.

“Li is it really you” my mom asked.

“Yes mom it has been three years since then. Mom I miss you even if you hate me. You will always be my mother. No one can change this fact and replace you.” I said to my mom.

“You sure have grown” My mom said with tears running down her eyes.

“Mom I want to marry Aria….


There is only one place

Only one place where you call home.

There is only one mom and there is only one you.

Nothing can replace them

That someone

That place

There is only one you

If you replace you

You won’t be the same anymore

Not the same

Never the same


Sunday, June 5, 2011

final response

       Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi is about her growing up from a child to an adult. Evolving from an innocent child to someone who would stand up for everyone she knows. Growing up may be difficult but, the transformation from a young age in a rapid pace may be difficult. Marjane have gone through that rough and rigged transformation. Growing up can be altered by the environment and your surroundings.

        Family is the most precious thing in the world. Family is the reason why you are here in this world. Your family can change you forever. Depending on your family’s view and their perspective your life can be altered.  Whatever you do you can never repay the part your family play. Marjane’s life is altered by her family. “Your uncle Anoosh was taken by the SAHAH’s” says her dad. Marjane’s family tries to hide the truth but always ending up telling her. Death may never be quenched from your life, and it will haunt and alter your life. Each step forward, is one step closer but these steps cannot be removed.

        War is a major alteration that can change the path you are right now to a path you may never think you will end up in. Life is random so is your choices. Each step you triggers the chain reaction. “The death of Niloufar changed my life forever. I am now a rebel”. Death can alter people in unimaginable ways. I have never been in war but the impact is devastating. This step changed her life forever. Marjane was never a rebel; she was once an innocent child. The word rebel can mean things you can’t express. Each step you take leads to another but the other may lead to a start of someone else.

        Death can come in many ways, a friend dying and a family member dying. “I never saw her again” The final few words of Marjane. Death isn’t bearable but it can alter your life in ways that is out of your thoughts. Death is a stepping stone to a dark or bright future. Death can mean things that are unimaginable.

        Your surrounding is able to alter your everyday lives. My life may be altered because of the death of someone dear to me….

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coming of age response 1

        "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi, is a book about her life and personal experiences of growing up. There may be many ways people can influence your growth. One way is war. War, is when two countries fight either for natural resources or other reasons. People can grow in many ways but, the enviorment they are growing up in can affect how their growth turns out. Marjane satrapi is one of the many who has been changed because of something happening around her. War is painful and disturbing but, it will go by when it does you are not the you before anymore...
        War changed Marjane. She was once the innocent little girl who wants to become the last prophet. This dream was ruined because of war. Each story her dad tells her changed her veiw of her country. Each story of torture sparks her flames of fear but, why can't you do anything? Hero, is the word used to describe someone who has done something brave. Hero doesn't apply to people who are just waiting and watching. Being tortured is something we can bear but, there are pain that are unbearrable. Marjane as a child changes from each experience she goes through, from the revolutions to the tortures. As she loses her uncle Anoosh her world starts to break apart. She starts to turn from her road, her road to the last prophet. War has started between iraq and iran school has been closed. Misery is how she feels. She is starting to hate iran. People are being killed just because they are communist. Females cant show their body just because of religion. Religion that religion this. School is closed because of religion and war. "Misery at the age that Marie Carie first went to france to study i'll probably have 10 childrens" this is how Marjane feel behind from everyone and can't do anything about it.
        Marjane's uncle was a hero. Marjane looked up to him as a hero who has been through prison. Her uncle has been to prison for being against the goverment in Iran. The last time she ever saw him was when he was telling a bedtime story. Her family knew but, lied. Death is something not everyone can handle. The death to someone that is so dear to you may be more painful than pain. A pain more painful than being tortured. Her veiw of the world changed its course. As life goes on marjane becomes a rebel. Rebeling in school on her own personal ideas. How she dislikes the way she is being taught. "If someone so much as touches a hair on your head I will kill him" this is her moms reaction. The family is in a tight situation having to lose somone important. Marjane may be next but to prevent that her mom changed. Everyone changed because of the war. The feelin to lose someone can never be overcomed. Not in this family...
        As she ages her views on the world and Iran changed so much. Each communist they kill her view is thrown off course by abit. Each death and change of her family can mean a change and a spark of something in your view. The world around you may be messy but religion is top priority. As Marjane ages the her view of Iran changed drastically. She once thought her country was ok but now her view has changed. People dieing because of religion and because of freedom. People wear veils but people die because of veils. As she is older she is proud of who she is. "I am iranian and proud of it" this totally shows her feeling for her nationality. Life may curve but sharp turns may mean something much deeper.
        Overall war is something we don't want to be through we should be glad of who we are. Life can curve and turn in every direction the choice you make alters your future. The event that pushed you will haunt you to the end. This is life something precious you don't want wrong. In my life my influence of my brothers bad teen age affects my own. This makes me think twice before I do anything.



        I dont have any prompts up because of the fact that for a week or so my computer have some major problems. This problem caused my computer to be unable to start up so i couldnt update anything.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Response to book

        The book stiches is a memoir. This book is very unique because its point of view is based on a child growing up. This is very unique because rather than this book being a memoir its a memoir not for the focused character but for his mom. This book has a unique way of showing this complicated story by not having straight forward drawings but unique sketches. The first time reading it there will always be hidden shadows that you will not notice. Each little shadow is a point of view. Each point of view changes this books theme and its purpose.
         The very first time I read this book I always get this fealing of uneasiness that this book will be very depressing. Each time I flip a page I either see the character with a face of sadness anger and depression. The child has this expression as if he has been through a lot. A lot as of abuse. The mom in this story isn't what I can ever consider a mom. If I were to grade his mom I would give her a failing grade. A mom that cares about money more than her son. The mom always have her way of expressing herself. She is like a storm cloud that will blow away and swallow each and everyone in her way. The mom can totally be considered a protagonist she denies everything the kid says.
          My idea of abuse and the problem child abuse can be proved. When the child gets a sickness the mom will yell like all she cares about is money. She will say going to a doctor needs money and money is what this family don't have. If she have the money for her own cause why wont she have the money for her childs cost. She somehow only cares about herself while she just ignores the child. Is her personal life more important than her son?
          Once the child had what was supposely known as a growth but after later test its was said to be cancer. The parents didn't even bother to tell her son what he had rather than that she went to give him his final wish. When she gave him his wish rather than letting him keep it she went over and took it away from him. That point forward she just treat him like a dead person without voice you feel small in the world lonely in a shadow.All because of you mom.
           In conclusion this is a really deep but at the same time very unique. Each shadow brings a new idea with a new idea comes a totally different idea.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blog response

I like davids blog because all of his post shows effort in them. Each post of his has its own thing that gives it a special touch. This touch is unique to his own writing style but this touch made a lot of his posts such as his reading responses stand out.They may be short but a lot of though have been out into them. He overall did a great job on keeping his blog on date and his ideas are well though out it is very unique in its own way.
The second blog I really liked is isaiahs blog his blog posts are amazing. He always uses the right grammar rule and i dont know it is just amazing. Each and everyone of his responses were great they were filled with ideas organized and well though out. Each post have its own story but his post have more than that but a idea of a certain thing and its own unique story. Hpost are extremly well done. He do have some flaws on how might sometimes use too complex words that usually messes up the flow or completly destroy a line with its meaning.
I like Mohammads blog because he has so many deep thoughts in each and every post. He writes about what he cares about and expresses it with his heart. It may noy have much post but each post shows effort and effort is all it takes for a good blog. His ideas were well supported each with its own reason and with its own reason goes with why he wrote about it. It is very unique in its own way but stands out with a shine in its own way. This blog is really well done.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Found poem

Symbotic Shadow

The emancipation proclamation
Had been seared in the flames
of whithering injustice.
The manacle of segregation and the chains of discrimination

On a lonely island of poverty
vast ocean of material
The archetitects wrote the magnificent words of the contitution.

The declaration of independence
Guarenteed unalienable right of
Lif, liverty and the pursuit of happiness
we refuse to believe the bank of justice in bankrupt.

Rise from the dark and desolate valley
to the sunlit path of justice

The palace of justice, conducts our struggle...
on the high plane of dignity and discipline
the unspeakable horror, of police brutality

Justice rolls like water
righteousness like a stream
let us not wallow,
the balley of despair and an oasis of
freedom and justice

Hew out from the valley of despair a stone of
The beautiful symphony of brotherhood.
From the prodigous hilltop of new hampshire
to the mighty mountain of New York
Free at last...
We are free at last!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

His life

   His life is hard
Pain, hunger, terror
His body is tired
His hope is gone but his spirit is strong
His hands are bruised his body trembles
His life is hard but
his spirit is alive and strong
His tears non, stop tears
shining down apon him
the light of hope
The first gate to happiness

Thursday, January 13, 2011


He is angry....

He is bold

They clash,roaring
two unstoppable force

I stare watching out of my window
Who will be the victor?

When will it stop...

Response to Poem

                                                      The Starry Night by Anne Sexton.

         This poem is writen by Anne Sexton. This poem is depression. This poem is the beauty of life versus death.

         This poem was inspired by the painting of Vincent Van Gogh. This poem is my veiw, my point of view of the world few has gone beyond. Anne Sexton has touched my heart with this poem. Life is a game, a game you sometimes wish will end. People realize the world around but there is another world beyond reach of mere hands. This is the world of emotion where emotion rule. When ones emotion shatter this may be the result of the state of depression. When your game is about to end... the one wish I would want accomplished is to die under the infinite trail on a starry night being sucked into the unknowns.
         Anne Sexton's poem is'nt just a poem it is a story that has been fit into a small peice of paper. Shrunk from the massive size into a few stanza. This poem is the story of someone's life. Anne Sexton, included many of her emotions that are out of reach by hand.( Depression is the state when ones emotion is so clumped they feel like they have no reason to live). She was in depression. This poem has this one line saying ," I want to die". This poem shows emotion so deeply you can feel it if you look deep enough. She did end up commit suiciding but is this the actual purpose of the poem? Us human being are very complex rather than simple. Emotion are more complex. Ones emotion can be shattered without you knowing it.
         The painting of Van Gogh has one purpose to capture the beauty of when he was in france not depression. Van Gogh may be under the pressure of insanity but this painting wasn't for that purpose wasn't it? I personally think painting is basically to capture the beauty of the night but I never knew someone would think of it as depression.
         A painting includes emotion but there is many ways of interpreting paintings. It is the point of view of the viewer rather than just one specific emotion. A painting is a world inside any peice of object with a piece of ever emotion. This may just be a poem but a poem always has a deeper meaning so do paintings and so do the people around you. The exterior is'nt as pure as the interior.