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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coming of age response 1

        "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi, is a book about her life and personal experiences of growing up. There may be many ways people can influence your growth. One way is war. War, is when two countries fight either for natural resources or other reasons. People can grow in many ways but, the enviorment they are growing up in can affect how their growth turns out. Marjane satrapi is one of the many who has been changed because of something happening around her. War is painful and disturbing but, it will go by when it does you are not the you before anymore...
        War changed Marjane. She was once the innocent little girl who wants to become the last prophet. This dream was ruined because of war. Each story her dad tells her changed her veiw of her country. Each story of torture sparks her flames of fear but, why can't you do anything? Hero, is the word used to describe someone who has done something brave. Hero doesn't apply to people who are just waiting and watching. Being tortured is something we can bear but, there are pain that are unbearrable. Marjane as a child changes from each experience she goes through, from the revolutions to the tortures. As she loses her uncle Anoosh her world starts to break apart. She starts to turn from her road, her road to the last prophet. War has started between iraq and iran school has been closed. Misery is how she feels. She is starting to hate iran. People are being killed just because they are communist. Females cant show their body just because of religion. Religion that religion this. School is closed because of religion and war. "Misery at the age that Marie Carie first went to france to study i'll probably have 10 childrens" this is how Marjane feel behind from everyone and can't do anything about it.
        Marjane's uncle was a hero. Marjane looked up to him as a hero who has been through prison. Her uncle has been to prison for being against the goverment in Iran. The last time she ever saw him was when he was telling a bedtime story. Her family knew but, lied. Death is something not everyone can handle. The death to someone that is so dear to you may be more painful than pain. A pain more painful than being tortured. Her veiw of the world changed its course. As life goes on marjane becomes a rebel. Rebeling in school on her own personal ideas. How she dislikes the way she is being taught. "If someone so much as touches a hair on your head I will kill him" this is her moms reaction. The family is in a tight situation having to lose somone important. Marjane may be next but to prevent that her mom changed. Everyone changed because of the war. The feelin to lose someone can never be overcomed. Not in this family...
        As she ages her views on the world and Iran changed so much. Each communist they kill her view is thrown off course by abit. Each death and change of her family can mean a change and a spark of something in your view. The world around you may be messy but religion is top priority. As Marjane ages the her view of Iran changed drastically. She once thought her country was ok but now her view has changed. People dieing because of religion and because of freedom. People wear veils but people die because of veils. As she is older she is proud of who she is. "I am iranian and proud of it" this totally shows her feeling for her nationality. Life may curve but sharp turns may mean something much deeper.
        Overall war is something we don't want to be through we should be glad of who we are. Life can curve and turn in every direction the choice you make alters your future. The event that pushed you will haunt you to the end. This is life something precious you don't want wrong. In my life my influence of my brothers bad teen age affects my own. This makes me think twice before I do anything.


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