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Sunday, June 5, 2011

final response

       Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi is about her growing up from a child to an adult. Evolving from an innocent child to someone who would stand up for everyone she knows. Growing up may be difficult but, the transformation from a young age in a rapid pace may be difficult. Marjane have gone through that rough and rigged transformation. Growing up can be altered by the environment and your surroundings.

        Family is the most precious thing in the world. Family is the reason why you are here in this world. Your family can change you forever. Depending on your family’s view and their perspective your life can be altered.  Whatever you do you can never repay the part your family play. Marjane’s life is altered by her family. “Your uncle Anoosh was taken by the SAHAH’s” says her dad. Marjane’s family tries to hide the truth but always ending up telling her. Death may never be quenched from your life, and it will haunt and alter your life. Each step forward, is one step closer but these steps cannot be removed.

        War is a major alteration that can change the path you are right now to a path you may never think you will end up in. Life is random so is your choices. Each step you triggers the chain reaction. “The death of Niloufar changed my life forever. I am now a rebel”. Death can alter people in unimaginable ways. I have never been in war but the impact is devastating. This step changed her life forever. Marjane was never a rebel; she was once an innocent child. The word rebel can mean things you can’t express. Each step you take leads to another but the other may lead to a start of someone else.

        Death can come in many ways, a friend dying and a family member dying. “I never saw her again” The final few words of Marjane. Death isn’t bearable but it can alter your life in ways that is out of your thoughts. Death is a stepping stone to a dark or bright future. Death can mean things that are unimaginable.

        Your surrounding is able to alter your everyday lives. My life may be altered because of the death of someone dear to me….

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