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Monday, June 13, 2011

final reading response

        War is a painful aspect of life. War can affect people and the world around you. The book the battle of Baghdad is about that environmental affection. Animals can be killed because of war. The bombing can cause petroleum spills which can kill sea animals. War is cruel and endless. When a war starts another begins. When you declare war you declare war on their alliances. War can cause pain to you to them and your family. War can mean destruction to many natural habitats.

        In the book war may destroy forests and families. The lives of people can’t be compared to the nations benefit. The greatest gift of the world is to be able to be alive. Animal are people but in another way. Animals have feeling and that feeling is alike to ours. Killing animals is like killing humans. The turtle lost his whole family because of the petroleum spill. Every move you make in war can lead to another.

        People are dying in war. We should stick together rather than fight amongst ourselves. People have their own thoughts because of their influence. We are all people and fighting amongst ourselves is like killing ourselves. They have family too and so do we. We are ruining lives by going into war.

        The tigers were affected by war. The lion family was killed because of war. They are like war prisoners and their family is ruined. Animals are lives and if we are killing them it’s like killing people. Being killed and treated badly just because of their specie is like killing ourselves because of our race.

        War is painful and trying to stop it is the top priority. Life is at risk with each war we start.


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